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Can we ask you some honest questions?
Q: What would you have done if you had been leading this last project? If you had been asked to ship $100,000+ worth of medical equipment and supplies to wrap-up a deceased stranger's project?
Q: If you knew the receiving communities had no access to medical care and knew the work of so many others was about to unravel on Haiti's doorstep?
There were 25 generous donors last year who gave $4,930.88 to move this project forward. They made it possible for several communities to have access to medical care and an orphanage to to receive shoes, clothing, and supplies. An INCREDIBLE offering!
The entire project cost $18,963.50, not including long distance phone call charges. That's a difference of just over $14,030.
It's a dilemma we need help with. What would you have done?!
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