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About Us

To Build A Village (in Haiti) is a grassroots organization led by a team of experienced educators and experts in the regenerative land development fields. As a recognized global 501(c)3 organization, we are committed to assisting Haitian farmers as they transition toward regenerative food, farming, and land management practices.

We hold the belief that as farmers and rural communities make these changes, Haiti will be able to replenish her diminishing groundwater reserves. This, in turn, will lead to increased crop yields, more water access, bolstered local economies, and many other positive outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, facilitate, and accelerate the efforts of Haitian-led initiatives toward regenerative food, farming, and land management practices with the purpose of supporting Haiti as she revitalizes her weakened social, ecological, and economic systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is a flourishing ecosystem across Haiti that spontaneously produces natural springs of clean water, plentiful water sources, enhanced crop yields, and fertile soils so that prosperity and peace can belong to the beautiful people of Haiti.

Our vision includes the establishment of food forests, water forests, legacy forests, community forests, and gathering centers that foster connections and revitalize rural communities, ultimately empowering them to become self-sustainable.

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Our Team
Our Steering Committee

Jean Claude Cerin | Farmer Network Development

Jean Claude Cerin has 40+ years of experience in non-profit management, strategic planning, and network development. He has a ... |  READ MORE 



Sidney-Max Etienne | Forest Garden Resources and Training

Sidney-Max Etienne is the passionate founder of Grown in Haiti, an initiative that has been transforming the ecological landscape of ... |  READ MORE 



Donal Bissante | Watershed Design and Partner Relations

Donal Bissainte is a dedicated agronomist specializing in Natural Resources and Environment. With a diverse academic background ... |  READ MORE 



Matthieu Mehuys | Landscape and Forest Design 

Matthieu Mehuys is an award-winning author and passionate landscape architect whose journey from a family farm in Belgium ... |  READ MORE 



Emmanuel Exilhomme | Fundraising and Outreach

Emmanuel Exilhomme is founder of A Better Tomorrow Services Inc., a nonprofit organization in Everett, Massachusetts that ... | READ MORE 


Leon David | Rural Community Support and Relations

Leon David is a bicultural Haitian native raised in the greater Boston area. He is a social worker, nonprofit professional, and ... | READ MORE 


Ted Leroy Carpenter | Environmental Science and Research

Ted L. Carpenter, brings an expansive 45+ year portfolio of Environmental Science leadership, instruction, and practice to our team ... |  READ MORE 


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Rose Darlyne and David Jean | Education and School Outreach

David and Rose Darlyne Jean live in the southern department of Haiti. They have been married for 12 years and have two children ... |  READ MORE 


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