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Beverly Beach, Founding Member

When the earthquake of 2010 struck Haiti, Beverly knew as a mother, that Haitian families needed more than a house to recover. She knew that a whole-system approach was needed to restore any kind of order to families. A colleague introduced Beverly to Kate Tirion, a permaculturist, whose skills complemented hers and together they formed To Build A Village (in Haiti).

Beverly and Kate organized a team of 14 highly-skilled teachers, all pioneers in the green building industry and regenerative land development fields. They wanted to help rural Haitian communities with housing, food security, economic development, community infrastructure, and reforestation. 

Prior to this, Beverly dedicated her life to motherhood. She raised eight successful children: 2 full-time moms, 2 physicians, 2 entrepreneurs, 1 tour guide/operator and 1 engineer. They each contribute to their respective communities.

Beverly attended Links Business School and served as the Nu Tau Sigma sorority president. She worked as a billing clerk and an executive secretary, then married and for twenty years, followed her husband's military career to assignments in Japan, Georgia, Maryland, and Germany. During that time, Beverly organized jobs for youth with the base commander and led scout dens for 8-11 year old boys.

She taught Mother Education lessons to young mothers in three German communities and between 1980-1983, served as the president of Relief Society, a women's organization in Germany. 

Between 1984-1986, she served as the president of a Young Women's organization in Georgia, and from 1987-1990, Beverly organized jobs for teenagers with the base commander, organizing scout programs with the Transatlantic Council for 8-11 year old boys. 

From 1990-2015, Beverly worked in the Grand Teton Council scouting program from a pack level to a district and council leadership level, earning the prestigious Silver Beaver Award and Award of Merit. (For those acquainted with scouting, she completed Wood Badge and was invited for further training at Philmont.) 

Beverly ran as a candidate for the Idaho State Legislature in 2002, 2004, and 2006.

Then from 2006-2010, she owned the business, Architectural Hotwire Foam and Stoneworks, independently designing and cutting exterior foam installations for the following businesses in Idaho, Utah, and Washington -- Sonics, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Library Place.

From 2021-2022, Beverly worked with embassies and governments in both Haiti and the United States to release a good man who had been illegally incarcerated in Haiti.

Then, between 2022-2023, Beverly organized a $100,000+ shipment of medical equipment and supplies to an area in Haiti with no access to medical care. 

It is because of Beverly's love for the beautiful Haitian people, her vision, and her ability to communicate well with others, that To Build A Village (in Haiti) is ready to help accelerate several Haitian-led initiatives that are preparing to move Haiti toward a nationwide ecological restoration.