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 June 5, 2023
Dear Humanity,
On this World Environment Day, I want to reconnect with you.
For centuries, I have been here, witnessing the beauty of our shared humanity - nature. However, things are changing faster than ever. Your actions are disrupting my delicate balance of ecosystems from the fungi and microorganisms in the soil to the ozone layer protecting you from the harmful radiation of nuclear reactions within the sun.
Not to mention the glaciers and ice caps that are meant to cool you and me and store most of earth's freshwater reserve. You know, all the things that keep ecosystem components, like ocean temperatures and atmospheric pressures in check so that hurricanes and torrential downpours don't wipe out communities like in Haiti two days ago.
Now, more than ever, we must come together and take action. We must take responsibility for the damage we have caused and restore the harmony we once shared. Let us preserve precious ecosystems, protect vulnerable species, and secure a regenerative future for those yet to come. I cannot do it without you.
We hold the power to make a difference, and we must use it wisely.
A little video reminder ..... ..... (2:18min)
Planet Earth