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A river is not just a body of water. It's an ever-evolving ecosystem. It carries with it the dislodged rocks of mountains. The forests shape its curves and the snowmelt and rain feed its path. The rocks that flow in it dissolve into mineral particles that become treasures for the trees and plants that eventually become nutrients for the birds. The tiny creatures are eaten by larger creatures that one day dissolve into the soil to create yet more life. An endless life cycle.

A river moves in all directions at one time just as the sun lifts its water vapor into the clouds and the fish swim with or against its flow as their instincts guide them. A river carries with it the microbiology of the forest as it seeps through the undersoil world, rich with invisible life. A river is not just flowing water, but a flowing life force.


One of the ways we increase the flow and stability of a river is to plant trees. Haiti needs to restore her forest floor and tree canopy. Only two percent of her forest remains. When you use the search engine ... Ecosia ... you're able to support many tree planting projects around the world. We invite you to check them out! 

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