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So remarkable! A film about a regenerative project in a remote part of Zimbabwe that solved problems of food scarcity and soil erosion for six villages of the Chikukwa clan (about 110 households per village).

When the project began in the 1990's, there were bare hills, fuel shortages, dry springs, poor harvests, hunger, floods, and silting. 

More recent photos show a complex landscape of small farm households, each surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens. They have tree canopy, woodlots, sacred springs, orchards, vetiver grass strips atop their contour bunds between cropping fields, and much more. Several before-and-after photos can be found HERE.  

As a result of this project, villages are experiencing an increase in yields, as well as an increase in nutrition through more vegetables, fruits and animal protein in their diet. 

The Chikukwa Project - shortened version (23:27min) - full documentary (52:17min)