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(Jan 31, 2023) - The shipment container continued to sit in Haiti's ports through end January. There was a delay with customs officials in assessing customs fees because gang activity was slowing processes.  
(Feb 12, 2023) - We finally received the final invoicing for all brokers fees, walk-through fees, additional-day-in-port fees, customs fees, and transportation-to-new-clinic fees. | CLICK to see all documentation
(Feb 15, 2023) - We excitedly unloaded the original shipment container into a second container to be trucked to the new clinic location. Upon examination of the equipment, a local doctor valued the equipment at well over $100,000 USD. This estimate did not include the new water filters, leg braces, hygiene kits, clothing, and supplies sent from Idaho.

WATCH some of the donated supply boxes being opened


(Mar 10, 2023) - To Build A Village Inc. was granted 501{c)3 status through the Internal Revenue Service making all donations tax deductible. We also enrolled with the PayPal Giving Fund to receive discounted fees as a nonprofit organization. This means that donations have no fees on either end and are tax-deductible on your end. | CLICK to see certificate
(Mar 11, 2023) - With various behind-the-scene-things in place, we started rolling out photos and documentation of the entire project in social media. 
The final cost of this project was $18,963.50, excluding all long distance phone call costs, website and domain costs, nonprofit and licensing costs, and time costs.
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As of this date, the total fundraising received through 25 donations is $4,931, leaving a balance of $14,033 to fundraise.
(Apr 3, 2023) - We received two more appreciated donations. Our fundraising balance dropped to $13,989.77. We also created profiles on two more social media platforms: LinkedIn for Nonprofits and TikTok for Good.
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