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We received a slight direction-changing phone call today. A very generous man, Anthony Michael (Tony) Iannelli, had accumulated approximately $100,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies for the Bataille Ministry in Haiti when he unexpectedly passed away from COVID complications in August 2021. His wife passed away a month later with the same COVID complications. 

Tony's obituary:   HERE 
Anthony Michael Iannelli Sr .... December 22, 1938 - August 21, 2021
Tony's wife's obituary:   HERE
Phyllis G. Iannelli .... April 25, 1942 - September 3, 2021
Pastor Bataille’s daughter reached out to me to see if I could fundraise the money needed for shipping. (I first met the Bataille family on my visit to Haiti in 2010.) I agreed thinking 'how hard could this be?!
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