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Our Three-Step Regenerative Approach


|  Following a regional watershed landscaping mapping process, we complete an assessment by researching what opportunities and resources are available for a community and identify what is needed for disaster mitigation and erosion control, improved water purification, effective garbage and sanitation solutions, and all-around resiliency to mitigate natural disasters. 

This outcome provides leaders with guiding principles for their community. 


|  We identify economic opportunities and solutions that allow a community to thrive, be self-supporting, and alive with possibilities. No community wants to rely on a hand out when a hands-up approach provides vibrant community relationships and stronger future activities.

This keeps money flowing in the community to build economic stability.   


|  We then provide a community with a customized regenerative plan that has clear steps for the entire region to move forward as a resilient system rather than a patchwork of disconnected pieces. We walk beside the community every step of the way until it is able to move forward on her own.

This results in a healthy soil which produces high quality, nutrient-dense food while simultaneously improving the land that leads to productive farms, healthy economies and vibrant communities.  


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