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What Are Resilient Watersheds?

A watershed is an entire river system—an area drained by a river and all its tributaries. It is sometimes called a drainage basin. It captures, stores, and releases surface water. Haiti has 30 watersheds. | CLICK to see one of Haiti's watersheds

A resilient watershed has the ability to recover promptly from natural disasters and to even be renewed by them. | CLICK to see one of our century old regenerative projects 

When we build resilient watersheds, we implement regenerative land practices that bring degraded soils back to life. The result is a healthy soil that produces high-quality, nutrient-dense food while simultaneously improving the land. It leads to productive farms, healthy communities, strong local economies, and ultimately leads communities through their final stage of disaster recovery.

Regenerative practices also promote food security and helps farmlands to absorb and maintain water levels, which makes crops less vulnerable to droughts and floods. Farmers experience year-on-year yield increases, which strengthens livelihoods and local markets. 

When we provide communities with a regenerative plan to restore their watershed, we provide clear steps for their entire region to move forward as a resilient system rather than a patchwork of disconnected pieces.



Why Build Self-Reliant Communities?

Part of having a vibrant community means returning power to the people. No one wants a handout when a hands-up opportunity is there. When we restore a land's watershed in a regenerative and vibrant way, we restore a community's ability to make a living off the land. We restore their ability to contribute in local markets and meet local needs. We restore their ability to circulate money within their communities. We restore their ability to create numerous family-owned industries. We restore their ability to establish political stability and to contribute as member of Caricom. 

We restore their dignity and self-esteem. We restore their health. We restore their ability to be innovative and creative and to teach, lead, and strengthen social relationships. 

Healthy watersheds and ecosystems lead to self-sustaining communities that thrive. They restore responsible power to the people and region.