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Haitian Alliances

As part of our mission to promote and facilitate the transition of Haitian-led initiatives into a nationwide regenerative agriculture and land use model, To Build A Village (in Haiti) encourages and assists in the organization of regional Haitian Alliances.

What is a Haitian Alliance?

A Haitian Alliance is a self-organizing network of Haitian diaspora groups, farmer organizations, rural communities, research institutes/universities, international NGOs, religious groups, reform activists and others who share the same vision -- which is to create a healthy ecosystem across Haiti in which regenerative agriculture and land-use practices can cultivate food security and food sovereignty, promote public and environmental health, and foster prosperity and peace with the purpose of supporting Haiti in rebuilding her deteriorated ecological, economic and social systems.

Haitian Alliances work collaboratively to accelerate a system-wide transition to regenerative agriculture within a defined geographic region.

Some Haitian Alliances are formally organized as 501(c)3 nonprofits, with advisory boards and directors. Others choose to operate under a less formal structure.

What Does a Haitian Alliance Do?

Some of the work Haitian Alliances may choose to engage in include:

Education aimed at engaging the local and regional agricultural, scientific, political, industry and activist communities in a narrative about the relationship between healthy soils, strong local and regional food systems and economies, local food security and food sovereignty, public and environmental health and climate change. For example: 

:: Mapping local grassroot organizations and industry players in Haiti with the potential to advance her transition to regenerative agriculture

:: Building support for local, regional and national policy changes in Haiti that incentivizes regenerative farming and land use

:: Developing regenerative food and farming projects

:: Developing industry infrastructure, including production, processing, marketing and logistics, to support networks or clusters of projects   

:: Facilitating financing and attracting investment capital for regenerative projects and clusters

:: Collaborating with educational organizations and NGOs to support the scaling up of farmer training in organic regenerative farming and land-management practices

:: Conducting research and publicizing data on regenerative agriculture and land management in Haiti as they relate to climate, natural health, the environment and economic and social justice

:: Developing transitional plans for young farmers in Haiti who have access to land through family inheritance but lack the knowledge, resources and support.

How Does To Build A Village Support Haitian Alliances?

Our Haitian-led team is eager to engage with like-minded individuals and groups who share our passion and vision for nationwide regeneration in Haiti. Some examples of the support we offer include:

:: Listing your Haitian Alliance on the TBV website, along with location and contact info so others can find you

:: Opportunities for your alliance to apply for funding

:: Educational resources and toolkits

:: Creation of a logo for your alliance

How Do I Apply to Become an Official Haitian Alliance?

To Build A Village (in Haiti) requires Haitian Alliance affiliates to do the following:

:: Commit to support the pledges made by ____ to _____

:: Complete our application to register a Haitian Alliance by filling out the following form. Our team will review your application and will respond as soon as possible.

| CLICK to download the TBV Alliance Registration Application