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Shipment of Medical Equipment and Supplies


We need your help!

Pastor Bataille is a very good man who works tirelessly for his community in Haiti. In his ministry, he and his family help many others in surrounding communities. Their area is in need of a medical clinic, with equipment and supplies.

A loaded shipping container full of medical equipment and supplies is ready to move into the shipping lanes down in Florida for Haiti. One-fourth of it is filled with toys, clothes, shoes, and other things for a nearby orphanage in need. The final shipment is pending a final $8,000 payment.

If we are not able to gather the needed funds, the equipment and supplies will be randomly dispersed at will in Florida. Please consider donating to this urgent cause and sharing the word with others. These Haitian communities really need your help!


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to see video clip of supplies being loaded into shipping container (Dec 2022)

(from Beverly's GoFundMe Campaign entries)


(Feb 2022) - A very generous man, Tony Lanelli, had accumulated approximately $100K worth of medical equipment and supplies for the Bataille family in Haiti when he and his wife unexpectedly passed away from COVID complications this month. Pastor Bataille’s daughter reached out to me to see if I could fundraise the money needed to ship these items. (I first met the Bataille family on my visit to Haiti in 2010.)

I was referred to a shipper that Tony worked with in his business. We set the fundraising goal at $12K, because the lowest shipping bid came in for just under $11K. 

(Jul 2022) - We just received a check in the mail from Dr. Stephen Hansen (in Pocatello, Idaho) for $4K! He has many connections in Haiti and frequently provides medical supplies to Haitian areas in need. With this money, he is also providing a trailer load of supplies that will accompany our other load. It will be taken to Oklahoma on July 16. We would really appreciate your prayers and financial support in fundraising the remaining shipping funds.

(Aug 2022) - Dr. Hansen's son took a 8x12 trailer load of clothing, medical equipment (including leg braces), water filters and more to Oklahoma. I firmly believe the Lord wants these supplies to go to Haiti and that it’s why we have been encountering so much resistance.

Pam, a special friend we met in Germany years ago, lives an hour from Okmulgee, Oklahoma, and was able to provide me with local contact information from the LDS Church. A ward in the Tulsa Stake was looking for a 9/11 anniversary service project and their leader, Bishop Nick, "just happened" to have experience in packing and had all the needed pallets, packaging, etc. for our project. He said they’d take care of everything. Their group provided the manpower that packed and loaded a 53’ box truck that left for Florida on September 24.

I am soo amazed at how the Lord orchestrated the coming together of all these different individuals. The receiving communities have no access to medical care and are eagerly awaiting this shipment!

The $1,500 that had been raised by a ministry in Oklahoma (and set aside) is now being used to purchase additional items to fill the container -- things such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, etc. Additional groups are collecting clothes, shoes, toys, etc. for an orphanage in need. We want to fill every empty spot in the shipping container.

Please consider supporting a project where every drop of your donation will go toward shipping expenses. If we do not raise the necessary funds, the equipment will be randomly dispersed to who-knows-where in Florida.  

(Dec 2022) - The shipping lanes into Haiti sadly closed in late summer due to gang violence. They reopened two weeks ago. We’ve had a storage company kindly storing our equipment and supplies for a longer-than-expected period. 

This past week we were finally able to load everything into a shipping container. Took two full days to load! We need to raise an additional $8K for the shipping container to enter the shipping lanes.

Once there, the shipment will take another 3-4 days to arrive in Haiti, and then be transported to the area where Pastor Bataille and his family minister. 

I am beyond grateful to those who have supported and prayed for this project to get this far. After so many months of working on it, and learning all the technicalities, I continue to amazed at how the various pieces of the project are coming together. The Lord’s hand is definitely in all this. In a short time span last week, everything fell into place in a way where I knew the time had come to take this project to the next level!

We need your help as many hands working together can provide the miracles needed for this clinic and orphanage in Haiti. May your heart be touched to support this project or to know who else might be able to contribute.